Types Of Search Engine Marketing

Types Of Search Engine Marketing

Types Of Search Engine Marketing

Your hard work as a search engine marketer can manifest itself in three unique ways, each with its own look and feel. This guide will take a look at each type of search engine marketing and explore the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The three types of search engine marketing are:

  1. Paid
  2. Local
  3. Organic

These efforts are supported by different facets of digital marketing, like your SEO efforts, pay per click advertising, content marketing strategies and others.

We’ll look at how to define each type, how it functions, the pros and cons and what types of businesses can utilize each.

1. Paid Search Advertisements

Using the Google Ads platform, companies can bid on keywords. When a search user looks for one of these terms, that bid enters an auction with other advertisers looking to place their ads for the same search. Google uses these bids, along with the quality and relevance of each ad, to determine how ads will appear on the page.

If someone clicks your ad, you pay a small fee. This is why paid search advertising is commonly referred to as PPC, or pay per click.

How Do Paid Search Results Display?

PPC ads can appear at the top of bottom of the page. This means they show up above or below the organic results on the page. It’s a very efficient way to get to the top of the SERPs, without committing to months of SEO work.

Google includes a small ‘[Ad]’ icon to let their users know that this is a paid or sponsored result. Aside from this small symbol, paid search ads look like an organic result on the page.

Paid search advertisements can also appear in a shopping snippet at the top of the page. This will include a small sample of products related to the search query.

How Fast Does Paid Search Marketing Show Results?

It may take you some time to develop the right ad assets and build a landing page experience for your keyword groups, but once that initial planning is out of the way and you’ve published your first campaign, the results will start rolling in immediately.

Your campaign dashboard will show you up-to-the-moment metrics, which just goes to show you how instantaneous paid search advertising functions.

Paid Search Marketing Advantages And Disadvantages

Paid search advertisements have a number of advantages, aside from being fast-acting and appearing at the top of the results page.

  • Ad traffic consists of motivated shoppers that convert more than organic site visitors
  • Ad spend is very controlled and creates measurable ROI
  • Lots of targeting options to pinpoint the exact customers you want to attract
  • Can provide tremendous boosts to your brand awareness, revenue and number of customers
  • Machine learning features help automate time-consuming steps in the process


  • Not all search users trust ads or sponsored results
  • Paid search ads can sometimes appear at the very bottom of the page
  • Paid search advertising is a complex process that requires lots of attention and learning

Local Search Marketing

Many businesses need a local approach to their marketing. Service providers, small brick-and-mortar shops, franchises and other businesses need local customers. Thus, they need marketing strategies that target local audiences.

Local search marketing relies on the power of SEO to help businesses rank for localized keywords. You also need a verified Google My Business listing that has user-submitted reviews of your company. 

How Do Local Search Results Display?

The end goal is to show up on a Google Map snippet. This map displays when a Google user makes a search with local intent. This could be direct local intent, like “pizza near me,” or a local business category search, such as plumbers, restaurants or convenience store.

The map displays all businesses relevant to the user’s search, including their locations and a snapshot of their Google My Business pages.

How Fast Does Local Search Marketing Show Results?

SEO takes time to develop. If you’re a brand new business, it may take several months before your business has the search presence to qualify for local results. You also need a completed Google My Business account with enough reviews for Google to recognize your business.

If you already have an established presence, you could start ranking for map results in only a month or two.

Local Search Marketing Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Uses search engines to drive in-store visits
  • Shows your business on the Google Maps app
  • You don’t pay for clicks
  • Great for mobile users


  • Takes awhile to rank for the maps snippet
  • Local search results don’t appear for many keywords
  • Only appear in searches by users in your area

Organic Search Marketing

Website visitors that comes from unpaid, non-local searches represent your organic traffic. This traffic comes from the result of your SEO efforts to raise the visibility of your site and its content for different, relevant searches.

How Do Organic Search Results Display?

When a user makes a Google search, there are around 10 organic results on each page. Sometimes, the first page will have less organic results because the page has featured snippets and paid results that take up space on the page. Organic results will display under featured snippets and sometimes below paid results.

How Fast Does Organic Search Marketing Show Results?

Because organic search marketing is so driven by SEO, it runs into the same problem as local search marketing. Search engine optimization takes a lot of time to develop, especially for highly competitive keywords.

For some companies, the climb to the first page of search results takes years. And, some never manage to find that visibility.

Organic Search Marketing Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Organic search results at the top of the page are the most trusted and clicked on results
  • A site with high search optimization will rank organically for many different keywords
  • Doesn’t cost any money for clicks; this strategy only requires time, know-how and patience


  • Paid results and snippets can appear ahead of organic results
  • Can take a very long time to rank high on the results pages
  • Some keywords may simply be too competitive for your website to rank high


Deciding on the best type of search engine marketing for your business is really a matter of evaluating your own organizational needs and finding the strategy that provides the best fit. Remember, it may not be a single search marketing type, but a combination of two, or all three types.

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